Student Wellbeing

Every student has the right to be part of a learning community that is safe, supportive and nurturing allowing them to flourish and become all that God has created them to be.  

At Josiah College, focusing on the wellbeing of every student is at the heart of everything we do.

The guidance and support of our students is provided by all members of our school community.  Every student has access to guidance and direction from classroom teachers, support staff, Year Level Deans, Dean of Student Engagement and chaplains.  At Josiah College, our staff know and understand all our students and embrace them for who they are. 

Restorative Practice

Josiah College partners with Real Schools which exists to build strong partnerships between the three key areas of committed teachers, caring students and connected communities.  At Josiah College, restorative practice is embedded in our teaching and learning approach to encourage all our students to be safe, respectful learners.  

Social Emotional Wellbeing

Every day at Josiah College, there is explicit and incidental learning and teaching around Social Emotional wellbeing in the classroom and playground setting.  At Josiah College we:

  •  Ensure every student is included and valued for who they are.
  • Value diversity and encourage student agency and voice.
  • Celebrate strengths and support students working through challenges. 
  • Encourage students to set goals and recognise achievements and successes. 
  • Partner with families and the wider community to support student learning and wellbeing.
  • Build positive relationships and offer our students a safe space for direction and guidance. 
  • Actively listen to our students
  • Advocate for our students as autistic young people.