The College aims to meet the requirements of the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration in the breadth of the learning experiences offered to students, specifically, to:

“promote equity and excellence” and for students to become “successful learners, confident and creative individuals, [and] active and informed citizens.”

Our students will follow the Australian Curriculum and our teaching and learning programs will follow the planning and patterns of teaching and learning at Emmanuel College.  These will be adjusted to meet the needs of our unique students, for example, content may be thoughtfully reduced or altered to take account of areas of special interest.

In this, we aim to:

 develop each student’s ability and skill in a wide range of traditional and contemporary subjects and disciplines;

  • assist all students to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of the curriculum, but with special emphasis on literacy and numeracy for all students;
  • cater for individual differences,
  • provide equal opportunity for participation and success for all students, providing appropriate pathways and programs which foster enterprise skills, with a view to allowing flexibility and adaptability in the future;
  • foster the values of hard work, thorough preparation, organisation and neatness;
  • challenge students to aim higher than they may initially have anticipated for themselves
  • develop in students the capacity and skills to use technology creatively, effectively and confidently;
  • develop in students the capacity and skills for creative and effective problem solving and analysis;
  • develop in students an appreciation of, and a sensitivity to the needs for appropriate development and care of, the natural environment, both globally and locally, so as to be able to take their part in developing a sustainable ecological future for the planet.